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     The cleaners from Brondesbury Cleaning Companies cleaned my apartment quickly and thoroughly. Couldn't have asked for anything more from this company.
Iona H19/05/2020
     This cleaning company saved my carpet from the rubbish bin. It had multiple stains and looked generally quite dingy. After the rug cleaning, it looks brand new. Thanks for saving me quite a few quid.
Michelle F.19/09/2019
     A great job, and BrondesburyCarpetCleaners had to work around my elderly parents. They both suffer from Alzheimer's and everyone understood and took great care not to upset their day. And they did a great job of the home cleaning to boot. Recommend highly.
     I was shocked at the state of my new bathroom when I moved into my flat. It obviously hadn't been cleaned in a while so I wanted it spotless immediately. I had heard of Carpet Cleaner Brondesbury before so I called them for help. They provided what I needed - an expert cleaning team who could tackle the job for me. A day later, the cleaners arrived and within an hour, the bathroom was perfect. I wouldn't be enjoying my new home without them.
Joyce B.27/05/2015
     I have health issues with my back and that very frequently stops me from doing all the things I want to do. I used various cleaning services over the course of the past few years and eventually switched to Brondesbury Carpet Cleaning one week ago because they offer great prices and an amazing quality service for the money! I definitely recommend them from all my heart!
Chris O.17/03/2015
     Our family life is hectic like everybody else's and having some help from a good cleaning company was important for us to be able to enjoy spending quality time together at weekends. I am very glad we instructed Brondesbury Carpet Cleaning because the support their domestic cleaners offer is a real relief to my wife and I. We have all our day to day cleaning done by this company and they do other harder jobs like cleaning the fridge out, scrubbing the bathroom tiles which always seem to attract limescale and cleaning out the oven base and the oven hood - both horrible jobs!
     I can't believe how good you ladies are! Thank you Brondesbury Carpet Cleaning! I'm a real stickler for details and everything you did was great! Even things that I hadn't seen before! I wasn't certain about letting new people into my family's home but you really rock! The main difference that I find dealing with you is that your customer service skills are really top notch, you don't just pick up the phone (or mop! Or whatever!) you're actually motivated while doing it too. I thank you a great deal and will be recommending you to my friends!
Kim M.23/10/2014
     I was quite worried about moving out of my little London flat that I'd been renting for three years, because I'd never really given it a deep, thorough clean before! After moving all my possessions out I set to work but I soon realized that the task was just too mammoth for me, even though my flat is only small! After a little bit of internet research, Brondesbury Carpet Cleaning leapt out at me, in terms of their other reviews, most importantly of all, their swift and efficient turn around! I called them up and made an appointment for the next day, and they were in and out within 45 minutes, only charging me half of what I expected! Can't believe how clean my flat looks now, it's almost a shame I'm moving out!!
Sydney A.04/09/2014
     Having a cleaning company that you know can do more sp.[oculist work aside from the normal domestic cleaning is a really great thing. I recently had Brondesbury Carpet Cleaning clean my carpets, as I had noticed that they had become a little grubby. Carpet cleaning is not something I know a huge amount about, so it was with great pleasure that I was informed of the various techniques by the company, and they helped me work out what I needed doing, and then did it! This was all for a very agreeable price as well, mark my words, I checked!
Mark Mitchell07/01/2014

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